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Ponsonby Central II

Ponsonby Central II

4 Brown Street, Ponsonby

Ponsonby Central II is located on the former dilapidated carpark to the rear of Ponsonby Central. The brief was to build on the successes of Ponsonby Central I, drawing on the concept of the international marketplace – a place to meet, eat, drink, work and be social for the sake of it. Utilizing a greyfields site, Ponsonby Central II was also to activate the edges to the park to the west and its Brown St and Richmond Road frontages. The project also needed to connect seamlessly with the existing Ponsonby Central I and its suburban context, creating a series of legible laneways and thru site linkages.

The project, Ponsonby Central II, is a 6-level development inclusive of 2levels carparking, hospitality - food and beverage off a central laneway and cinema to L1 (off Richmond Road), commercial tenancies to L2 and L3 and an apartment to L4. The architectural response is a continuation of the character brick façade to L1 & L2, materiality changes and a stepping back to L3 and again at L4 to minimize dominance in its suburban context and provides outdoor amenity. The park like roof terrace is symbiotic to its park neighbour. Its eclectic material palette that speaks to Ponsonby Centrals overarching ethos -a sense of permanence, as if it has simply always been there.

Ponsonby Central II provides a better urban outcome for its immediate context, the reactivation of its street and park interfaces through the removal of hostile fencing, improves CPTED outcomes as well as providing community amenity through a collection of spaces for social activity as well as connected workplaces. Linkages to the existing Ponsonby Central and surrounding context revitalize this urban block, an inclusive development that is inviting, supporting local businesses and positive urban experiences.

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Key Facts
  • Extension of Ponsonby Central I
  • Commercial & Laneway Hospitality
  • Character Brick façade
  • Positive urban experiences
Client Testimonial
Davies Investments Ltd
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