Anastas Arnaudov
Senior Architectural Technician
International Bachelor degree in Architectural technology and Construction Management

For Anastas, Architecture is about a lot more than creating spaces.  With over 4 years’ experience as an architectural technician, Anastas takes pride in the role he plays in the architectural design process.

With over 4 years’ experience in New Zealand and Scandinavia, Anastas’s goal is to deliver a project that combines design excellence with quality technical solutions. He is highly focused on the efficient work process through the use of BIM principles and well-structured coordination methods. His passion lies in being able to seamlessly deliver the design teams’ vision, with an attention to detail ensuring that constructability is foremost coupled with an eagerness to push the boundaries of his own technical knowledge perusing new and creative solutions.

Anastas recognizes the importance of a collaborative and transparent approach to projects; motivated by the challenge of innovation through design.

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