Our Practice

Paul Brown started working in architecture in 1993 and has been at the forefront of apartment and multi-unit residential architecture, delivering several notable projects throughout the Auckland isthmus. As a registered Architect and director, Paul is a true specialist in this field.

For Paul, good architecture balances optimising a site’s potential and a meaningful design outcome. Since 1993, the practice has grown to a team of over 30 architects, technicians, and graduates who are driven by a strong vision to create better lives through the architecture we create, creating and enhancing neigbourhoods and cities.  

PB&A has an unrivalled understanding of residential architecture at scale, understanding the design and construction of multi-storey buildings and the need to constantly challenge the status quo.
We are known for


Finding the ultimate potential of a site

PB&A. has been at the forefront of apartment and multi-unit residential architecture for thirty years. Driven by a strong vision to create better lives and better cities, we have an unrivalled understanding of residential development at scale.


A high degree of specialist knowledge

Our team has exceptional knowledge in the technical process of designing and constructing multi-storey buildings. Every PB&A. client has a dedicated project architect – their one point of contact from concept to completion. You’ll get quality information from us right from the start for better project planning, reduced risk, and greater accuracy on the site’s potential.


Quality documentation

PB&A. sets high standards for documentation, developed on robust technology platforms for proper coordination and quality assurance. Having designed and detailed multi-storey buildings over three decades, we balance design innovation with trusted solutions to deliver confidence in the built outcomes.


Design excellence

We have a portfolio of recognised and well-liked buildings on the Auckland skyline – architecture that has market appeal and stands the test of time. An award-winning practice made up of more than 35 architects, designers and technicians, we are experts in high-density residential in all its forms, knowing exactly what works for each typology.

Design Philosophy

The work of PB&A. is driven by a desire to ‘make it better’. Better buildings. Better cities. A better environment. Better lives. We have a responsibility to our clients, the building occupants and the community, and by delivering on all three outcomes our architecture creates better lives for everyone.

We believe in applying simple, robust solutions to complex sites and projects. By responding with clarity to each project’s unique context and brief, our buildings create the right scale, the right materiality, the right form and the right functionality. Completing projects with longevity in construction and design grows strong reputations for our clients and creates better social outcomes for our city.