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Fletcher Living - Korere & Kauriki, Stonefields, Stage One

Fletcher Living - Korere & Kauriki, Stonefields, Stage One

30 Kauriki Terrace & 80 Korere Terrace

Korere Kauriki isa 65 lot, open market housing development in Stonefields, Auckland. The development consists of multiple typologies including Walk-Up Apartments, Duplexes, Terraces, and Stand-Alone houses. These were designed in conjunction with new living lanes, roads, JOALS and car parking requirements.

The site (a former quarry) encompassed various planning complexities, including its interface with the neighbouring Reserve and basalt cliff that runs along the extent of the southern boundary. Materials, colour sand tones where specifically chosen to complement and respond to the rugged cliff face.

The new homes consider their context through responding to the neighbouring residential streetscape and density, maximising views towards reserves and green spaces, and through addressing site entries.

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Key Facts

·        81 Total Units (Stage 1 has 45 units. Stage 2has 36 units) (Walk-Up Apartments: 16, Standalones: 29, Terraces: 36)

·        1 Living Lane, 2 JOALS, 1 Vested Road

·        27 different typologies

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Fletcher Living Residential – Auckland Central Branch
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