Sian Bennett
Associate - Architect
BAS, M Arch (Prof), NZRAB Registered Architect

Sian brings over 8 years of experience in multi-unit residential and high-density residential development to PB&A. Reliable and meticulous in nature, Sian is a true team player, who see’s high-value in architectures collaborative process.

Patient and conscientious in her approach, Sian ensures that a project complexities are attended to in a methodical manner. Open and transparent in communication, Sian seamlessly liaises between the project team. Design and result focused, she proficiently leads the design team through a project from concept through to construction.

Sian’s unwavering and industrious resolve is fundamental to her successes inclusive of obtaining registration in 2021, project and practice; delivering a balance of creativity and practicability.

I find the development process of a project very interesting; there are always new things to learn and different ways to achieve the end result.
Key Projects