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Alta Villas, Northlake

Alta Villas, Northlake

Lot 1005, Northlake Drive, Northlake, Wanaka

Alta Villas sits within the wider Northlake development. Sitting opposite to the existing village center, the proposed 27-terrace house development to lot 1005 has been designed to maximize aspect and site efficiency - providing maximum amenity to future residents, capitalizing on the varied aspects available at this site. There is a mix of 3 & 4 bedroom typologies; with an efficient and rational plan that provides comfortable living spaces with great access to its alpine views and natural light.  Large windows and open plan living spaces to the ground floors of all units ensure private living is available inside and out. Coupled with the natural advantages that the site offers, has created a terrace housing development that works in harmony - a seamless connection that provides a home where people want to live - the proposed is a positive architectural outcome that fits its context and QLDP objectives.

The villas exteriors have been designed to create a generous residential environment that fits comfortably into the location, that makes use of all the advantages the site has to offer. They express individuality and permanence with their strongly articulated forms and quality materials. The material palette includes highly rendered brick, vertical timber weatherboard, and powder coated extruded aluminum panels, providing further textural play and a collision of the old and the new. The lighter weight pitched roof forms echo the simple gabled roof of historical precedents.
The exterior appearance and the terrace homes’ architectural style take their cues from the wider Northlake vernacular and the historical lines from the historic Otago stone cottage.

The overarching landscape design supports the overall masterplan for this lot. The terraces are set back from the boundary to its residential frontages, creating large outdoor spaces and a landscaping buffer between the proposed and the existing. Breaking up the form/mass along the site’s boundaries, a creation of solid/void relationships, a deviation of a linear tempo and the layering of landscape elements have provided a sense of rhythm that activates the street boundaries, creating a positive interface and connection to the existing local center and immediate context. This layered approach to landscape of planting, hard and soft landscaping elements to provide screening and privacy inwards and outwards from the site and enhancing outdoor spaces. Pergolas and outdoor fireplaces give a sense of playfulness.

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Key Facts
  • 27 Terraces, two level 3-4 bedroom apartments in the heart of Northlake
  • Designed within QDLC District Plan, Activity Area D1
  • Master Planning, Urban Design, exterior and interior architecture designed by PB&A
  • North Aspect with panoramic views out to Mt Iron, Trig Hill, Mt Maude and Minerets Peak.
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    Under Construction

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