Claire Atherstone
Associate - BIM Manager
BA, Dip. Arch. Draughting

As the BIM manager for the practice, Claire brings over 13 years of experience in the field to PB&A. A certified Revit Professional, Claire works to improve BIM skills in the practice through staff training, content management, standards implementation and hands-on support.

Her specialist knowledge and problem-solving are fundamental to both project and practice. Collaborative in her approach, Claire sees PB&A as a place to share skills. A key and highly-valued member of the technical team, Claire actively looks for more efficient workflow and develops better solutions in both process and detail.

Claire brings her unique sense of humour to the office, effortlessly making Revit and BIM both interesting and fun.

I am a practical person with a vivid visual imagination, so working out how to model buildings was a logical place to end up.
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