Sean Crosby
Technical Team Manager

With a career spanning over 27 years in the architectural industry, Sean has worked in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Over those years he has worked as a Design Technician for 19 years with BIM management involvement and the last 8 years in a managerial role, building and overseeing a team of 41 technical design staff for a healthcare developer. With a depth of knowledge and experience, Sean has worked on designs from a broad variety of industries such as, schools, airports, Ministry of Defense, food, Beverage, commercial, Low & High-rise Residential, and healthcare. But his passion for the architectural industry has always been on the construction of buildings with clear precise coordinated design documentation.

Through his own personal experiences when starting in the Architectural industry, Sean is a strong believer in employing people directly out of college providing opportunities and developing their career, to which he finds hugely rewarding on both parts.

Sean's role as Technical Team Manager at PB&A will strengthen and support our strong technical team, with a great drive, passion, and ability. The expansion of a Tauranga office to support the Auckland team is an exciting new development for PB&A that will only make the technical aspect of PB&A even stronger.

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