Peter Allison
Associate – Architect
BAS, B Arch (Hons), NZRAB Registered Architect

Peter brings over 20 years of experience to his role as an Associate Architect at PB&A, specializing in design that delivers aesthetically as well as functional, end user focused, liveable spaces. Peter’s career successes in high-end single-family housing and quality medium-density residential development have been acknowledged and celebrated by his peers.

Patient, realistic and a good listener, Peter leads design teams through the project from inception through to completion. With an open and honest approach to client relationships, Peter pride’s himself on managing and exceeding expectations, maximizing the projects potential and the opportunities that present throughout the design and construction process.

Affable by nature, Peter’s approach to design is both attentive and balanced, assuring the best possible outcome for the project.

The residential spaces that I design tend to be light-filled with a real sense of space and connection with outdoor spaces
Key Projects