Bill Rattenbury
Senior Associate – Architect
B Arch, NZRAB Registered Architect

As a Senior Associate Architect with over 25 years’ experience as an Architect, Bill brings an invaluable cache of architectural knowledge to PB&A and a sense of practicability and consistency to his role.

Highly competent in architectural detailing and solution-focused, Bill successfully navigates budgetary constraints and realization of design. Open minded in his approach to projects, Bill has a working style that is both collaborative and committed to practical innovation, committed to quality design and outcomes.

Bill is a central support to our technical team, ensuring standard of documentation within the office exceeds industry standard and lending himself to the facilitation of professional development within the office. Bill’s steadfastness and compassionate resolve is an asset to both project and practice.

Buildings continue to alter and adapt throughout the design and documentation process; the challenge is to keep the design focused when faced with conflicting priorities.
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