Antonia Garelja
Architectural Graduate
MARCH(PROF) – to come , BAS

As a recent Unitec graduate, Antonia has enjoyed working in group projects and partaking in collaborative design. Teaching Year 1 students about design processes and passing on her knowledge has helped her share her passion and develop others skills. During University Antonia found a passion for community living and how we can design for easier lifestyles for our wellbeing. She was also focused heavily on architectural history and how we can learn from what has been done before. She has strong skills in photoshop and model making processes. 

With a strong love for nutrition and fitness, she incorporates the link between health and wellbeing into architecture, which is something she prioritises with an expanding city lifestyle. Her thesis addressed the problem of growing cities and our changing environment with a face paced life and expanding fast food joints. Antonia’s “Fast food, Slow city” project encouraged a slow community atmosphere in a fast city, educating people about food and our culture.

We are what we repeatedly do so thereby we should design spaces which exceed our creative potential.
Coming Soon.
Coming Soon.