Zahraa Emhail
Architectural Technician
Masters in Architecture (Professional)

With 5 years of working experience in the construction industry prior to PB&A, Zahraa has gained skills in both the residential and commercial sectors. She has worked on various projects across New Zealand, Australia and the United Arab Emirates.

Though her interest in architecture encompasses both technical and design aspects, Zahraa developed and refined her skillset as an Architectural Technician with an interest in detailing and digital workflows. Her enthusiasm for the later has led her to teaching Productive Revit Processes. Coupled with this, her interest in art aides her in the creation quality 3D renders/CGI.

After completing her Master’s degree, Zahraa travelled overseas to experience and learn about different modes of living and its effects on the built environment and industry. Zahraa also has a passion for photography and drawing which she actively pursues.

Architecture shapes the human experience while acknowledging its context, resulting in a harmonious form.
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