Tai Maki
Principal - Designer

Tai has extensive international experience focusing on design, project management, team coordination, and client relations. He has over 20 years experience in architectural design with projects ranging from corporate, commercial, residential, light industrial, retail, educational, and mixed-use to multi-family developments. By working across such a broad spectrum, Tai is able to successfully balance diverse needs within a unified design solution.

Tai’s designs can be found across the United States, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, and Vietnam. He has a practical and efficient approach to architecture, with an emphasis on aesthetics that responds to a Client’s needs and desires. Recently, Tai has designed luxury off campus mixed use student housing in United States.  These design experiences have taught Tai that working collaboratively can be challenging, but is the most rewarding, it is the pathway to richer outcomes. The mixing of diverse ideas and points of view should not be underestimated.

He has passion for imagining communities created through density. Well-designed density creates chance encounters, energy and adds richness to life. His ambition is to use indigenous living patterns to inform new modes of community. Whether this be in an isolated forest or within a modern city. He believes the key to our collective future is forged by our ancestors.

Exploration and playfulness is “fun”- damental to finding creative solutions.
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