Kin Yong Kong
Senior Architectural Technician
B. Arch (Hons); LAM registered (Malaysia); He Papa Tikanga (Kaupae 3)

Kin has extensive experience in the building industry as a building contractor, staff architect, building services coordinator, and senior architectural technician in four countries spanning over 35 years. Kin has worked previously in a number of high-profile  architectural firms within Australia and New Zealand. During his career, Kin has worked across projects in health care, commercial inclusive of shopping malls, hotels and stadiums and multi-unit residential.

Kin is meticulous in his work, a quality that propels him to produce accurate documentation. His inquisitive nature lets him learn from his colleagues and shares his experience, and he does the same with the alliance consultants. Kin values the collaboration efforts among the building consultants, contractors, and material suppliers in the wider sense of a project team, as vital to achieve efficiency and for the success of a project. He enjoys documentation, design development, and is ready to contribute toward realisation of complex building ideas into built forms.

A good building design responses to the contexts of its location and seeks to be innovative, but also have all its elements come together coherently with ease, as if its procurement is merely a re-assembling process.
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